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Rydym bellach wedi ailagor ar gyfer ymwelwyr sy'n byw yng Nghymru i fwynhau ein safle awyr agored. Ni chaniateir chwaraeon dŵr na physgota ar hyn o bryd.

Fishing Report Week Ending 11th Oct 2020

The decision to bring the pike season forward due to the situation that we find ourselves in has proved to be a roaring success. Everything at the moment feels very gloomy, its like a big dark cloud has descended upon us and we are desperately searching for gaps in the cloud where the light can shine through. Well I think we certainly found a gap in the cloud this weekend as we had so many genuinely happy fishermen who all had a great time at Llyn Brenig, fishing for pike. It wasn’t just a story about the pike fishing as regular fisherman Wayne Jones took a boat to fish for trout and he had a great day with his boat partner and by the end of the day he’d had a fantastic day catching some lovely fish. It certainly put paid to any rumor that there weren’t any trout in the Brenig and that it’s impossible to catch fish at the Brenig. The trout are there, they are in a beautiful condition and any fisherman worth his salt would want to come here and try to catch them.
Well back to the pike fishing as that is certainly the story of the weekend. Everyone who fishes for pike wants to catch the big un’. It’s rooted in our psyche, to be the fastest, the strongest, the biggest. The pike certainly offers you the chance of catching a really big fish and this weekend some lovely big fish were caught. Maybe the really big un’ wasn’t landed but the fish that were landed whets the appetite and encourages the belief that somewhere in the lake there lurks that really monster fish.
The pike is a truly remarkable fish, in its brutal ugliness there is a beauty that is hard to define. It is a throw back to a time long ago in the past, probably long before man walked this earth. It seems almost prehistoric and its very survival over time has given it an aura of invincibility. It is certainly the king and queen of the lake and deserves our respect. Watching the fishermen catch the pike I can feel that respect emanating from the fishermen. One of the joys for me is to see these beautiful creatures returned gently into the lake from the caring hands of those who have caught it.
Whether you were fishing from a pike peg on the bank or from a boat it was a truly remarkable weekend with pike being landed here there and everywhere. It was hard to keep up with everyone’s successes. Craig Evans had caught seven pike by 3 o’clock on Saturday from the bank with four of them weighing over 10lbs. Marcus and Darren on the next peg along had caught three with two of them over 10lbs and by the time they had finished they’d caught two more. The catch of the day from the bank though was definitely from peg two with Dan Stephens and Harry Formston catching three pike in quick succession. Harry caught two of them, one of which was an amazing 23lbs and remarkably the other one weighed in at a staggering 25lbs. Dan landed a fantastic 18lb pike. What a day they had! On Sunday Lewis Kearns caught a fantastic 19lbs 8oz pike with his final cast of the day.
The boat fishermen had an equally successful weekend with perhaps the pick of the fishermen being Devern Locke who, fishing with his friend Harry on Saturday, landed a 15lb pike whilst on Sunday, fishing with his dad, he caught a 19 - and -a - half-pound pike. A 21-and-a-half-pound pike was also caught from the boat on Sunday.
From now until the end of November the cost of a boat will be reduced to £10.00. You are now able to fish for Pike from a boat until November 31st; the cost of which will be £60 for two fishermen and £40 for one. From now until the beginning of March pike fishermen will be able to fish for pike on the bank from designated pegs, the cost of which will be £20 for a day and £40 for night fishing (4pm until 8am). There are two new pegs this year, one day peg by the Visitors Centre (peg 9) and one at the end of Brenig Arm road (peg 8). Pike fishermen must book and pay for a peg online using ‘eola’, as must all fishermen when booking a boat. There won’t be any boats on the water after the end of November until the start of the new season. Winter prices for fly fishing will start from November 1st at a cost of £13 for a three fish kill.
It's been a great weekend for pike fishing and there are still plenty of trout to be caught so we look forward to seeing everyone in the coming weeks. Don’t hang up your waders yet!
Please can I remind everyone to wear a mask when entering the Visitors Centre.
The main gates will be shutting at 4pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 3.30pm.