In line with the latest Welsh Government announcement, Llyn Brenig will be closed for a fortnight when the firebreak comes into force from the evening of Friday 23 October and will re-open on Monday 9 November. Thank you for your ongoing support: together we will keep the local community and Wales safe. 


Yn unol â chyhoeddiad diweddaraf Llywodraeth Cymru, bydd Llyn Brenig ar gau am bythefnos pan ddaw'r cyfnod atal byr rym o nos Wener 23 Hydref a bydd yn ailagor ddydd Llun 9 Tachwedd. Diolch am eich cefnogaeth barhaus: gyda'n gilydd byddwn yn cadw'r gymuned leol a Chymru yn ddiogel.


The diolch awards are your way to tell us about someone (or a team of people) who have given you exceptional service. This could include staff who have, for example:

Gone the extra mile to help you
Anticipated your needs and responded to them
Dealt with a difficult or complex situation
Worked in poor weather conditions to help you

Everyone nominated will be told that you appreciated their efforts. There are also monthly and annual awards where winners will be given a letter of congratulation and a gift voucher in recognition of their service.